swinging chain swinging chain swinging chain swinging chain grim reaper

Frankie Caraccioli is a tattooer born and raised in Southern California. Growing up here he was exposed to skate/punk culture early on in life. The energy and rawness of these scenes were too exciting to not want to be apart of. This set the foundation for who he would become. He began his tattoo career in 2003 at the age of 19. A self taught artist with the urge to be a part of a craft that was a little more taboo at the time. His work is mainly focused on both Traditional Americana and Japanese styles while building new ideas stemming from those. After almost 20 years of tattooing he still strives to become a better artist in hopes to contribute something great to tattooing that will inspire future generations to come. Today you can find him working towards that goal in his tattoo shop located in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

mortal kombat characters chopping a wood block with their hands with blinking red and yellow text that reads test your might